1. Plat of Survey
    We use a larger presentation format of 18"x24", 24"x36" for our plats. They are easy to read and vibrant with detail.
    Boundary Survey ALTA Survey Subdivision Plats Annexation & Zoning Right of Way & Easements Condominium Plats Utility Survey Property line Determination
  2. Topography
    Our state of the art GPS and robotic instruments ensure accuracy and efficiency for all elevation needs.
    Topographic Survey Tree & Wetland Survey Elevation Certificates Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) Volume Calculations Bathymetric Survey Settlement Monitoring
  3. Construction
    Whether your site is residential, commercial or industrial, we have the experience and capability for your demanding schedule.
    Building Layout Mass & Fine Grading Curb Layout As-built Surveys Column line Staking Easement Staking
  4. CAD Services
    Even if your project doesn't require field work, our CAD Technicians can provide you with any type of Exhibit you need.
    Legal Descriptions Tax Divisions Permit Plat Easement Creation Site Plan Plat of Easement


Free Copies for 1 year

Free Plat Review

Free Quotes

After receiving your survey from us, you may come in to our office at any time within the first year and receive additional copies. Mailed copies will have additional charge for postage.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your plat, please feel free to speak with one of our project managers or licensed surveyors.
If you have a property that you are thinking about getting surveyed for any reason, we will provide an accurate and timely quote for you at no charge.

Copies beyond 1 year

Copies of your plats

Your plats to a PDF

We will scan your old plats and convert them to PDF format for you and email the file straight to you.  $0.50 per square foot of paper.
If your property was surveyed by us between 1-9 years ago, there is a $25 fee for additional copies.  (Up to four per request) 10+ years requires a new survey.
We can print full size copies of your old plats.  Receive nice new copies for only $0.50 per square foot of paper.