Engineering Services

Our experienced civil engineering team works closely with developers, individuals, and governmental agencies to effectively meet all of our clients’ engineering goals. VSEI is committed to assisting clients through all stages of the development process, delivering a final product that is accurate, clear and concise. Examples of our civil engineering services include:

  • Commercial and Residential Site Plans
  • Septic Plans
  • Commercial and Residential Subdivision Plans
  • Roadway Designs
  • Utility Improvements
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Floodplain Engineering

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project requirements.

Commercial and Residential Site Plans
We focus on establishing harmonious and close working relationships with architects, landscaping, soil and wetland consultants, owners and any others involved in site plan development. Based upon project requirements, clients can expect us to:

  • Provide several conceptual layouts for building, drives and parking lots in order to keep projects on budget and to meet client expectations.
  • Help you obtain all the necessary permits required by local government and state agencies.
  • Create alternate grade options.
  • Integrate underground stormwater detention if standard grass area is not available, meeting local stormwater ordinance requirements.

Septic Plans
We have become the leader of septic system design production in McHenry County. We also provide septic system design service for Lake, Boone, Kane and Winnebago counties.

  • Our experienced staff have positive working relationships with local governmental agencies and work closely with these authorities to ensure designs are prepared according to applicable requirements and are approved in a timely manner. VSEI continues to maintain the highest plan approval rate avoiding unnecessary delays to a project.
  • We can coordinate all aspects of the septic system design process including soil boring analysis, governmental consultation and septic system permit application all as a courtesy to the client. VSEI also works closely with many installation contractors in the area and meets regularly with contractors to discuss various projects. Septic designs completed by VSEI also contain general stormwater notes and requirements.

Commercial and Residential Subdivision Plans

Our designs are noteworthy for their preservation and incorporation of wooded areas, wetlands and natural stream channels. We provide home sites that promote English and walkout-style homes. VSEI works closely with clients to create the greatest number of lots possible, with pathways/walkways, curvilinear roads and undulating berms.

Our proactive approach to working with government officials to resolve unclear zoning, design, wetland and stormwater ordinances (we are also known for our creative stormwater retention basins—wet and dry) helps keep projects on track and on schedule.